If you are having problems logging in to Dash, try the following, in order.

1. Make sure you are using a supported browser

Try to log in using one of the browsers from our supported browsers list and see if you still experience the problem. 

2. Reset your password

Send yourself a password reset link by clicking the "Forgot password?" link shown on the login screen. This will send you an email with instructions on resetting your password.

3. Try logging in using your browser's private browsing mode

On Chrome, this is known as Incognito Mode, and it means you can access Dash using a completely fresh session. This helps rule out extensions, cookies or cache issues.

If you can successfully log in using a private window, then we recommend you:

  1. Clear your browser's Dash cache - here's how

  2. Disable browser extensions - turn off each extension one by one and repeat your download in Dash until the download works and you identify the offending extension. A good place to start is with ad blocking extensions.

4. Check your firewall

If you've tried all the steps above, it is possible you or your organisation are blocking access to Dash. Please read this article for information to help your IT team whitelist Dash on the network.

5. Still having problems?

If you are still having problems after trying the above steps, or if you have identified the cause of the problem but don't know what to do next, please do get in touch and we'll be happy to help troubleshoot your issue and help you resolve it.

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