In Dash you can create what we call "Preset Sizes". These are pre-defined modifications to the sizes of assets, that can be made available to users to apply when downloading any asset.

This is useful when you need to resize or crop images in the same way multiple times, e.g. if you have a website or blog that always needs images in a certain size.

ℹ️ You don't need to create preset sizes for social media, as those are already built in to Dash. Just look for the "Social media sizes" item in the Download menu.

There are two kinds of Preset Sizes:

  • Resize - Resizes an asset to within set maximum dimensions (width and height) while preserving the asset's aspect ratio.

  • Exact Crop - Resizes an image to specific dimensions (width and height), allowing the user to choose what area of the image to apply the crop to.

All Preset Sizes you create become available to all users who have permission to download assets.

Creating a Preset Size

To create a Preset Size, first go to Admin > Preset Sizes (you'll need to be an Administrator).

From here, select "Add New" and you'll be able to create the preset of your choice. You need to choose:

  • A name for your preset, e.g. "Blog post title image"

  • The type of preset - either "Resize" or "Exact Crop"

  • The dimensions for the preset. 

ℹ️ For Resize presets, the dimensions stipulate the maximum dimensions the final image can be, while retaining its aspect ratio. An image will be resized until its largest dimension fits within the specified values.

Further Tips

  • You can change a preset from a Resize to an Exact Crop and vice versa - just select it from the Preset sizes list and change the type

  • The order of the presets shown in the Preset sizes list is the same order shown to users when they download an asset. You can re-order the list by clicking and dragging the icon on the right hand side of the list item.

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