Here at Bright we have created two leading Digital Asset Management products, and this article is designed to help you understand the difference between them so you can choose which product is right for you.

In a nutshell 🥜

Asset Bank is our enterprise Digital Asset Management product for larger teams, designed for organisations that require advanced features, integrations and extensive flexibility of configuration. 

Dash is our newer, streamlined DAM product for smaller teams, built from the ground up for speed, scalability and effortless asset management, using Artificial Intelligence to do the hard work for you with a fresh, modern user interface.

More about Dash...

Here's what you'll find in Dash that you won't find in Asset Bank:

  • A simpler experience that trades advanced features for enhanced usability.

  • A focus on fast and effortless management of assets, from the speed of import, to the ease of bulk updating, to the snappiness and intuitiveness of the interface.

  • AI features built-in and out of the box, such as automatic face and object recognition in both images and videos (frame by frame), location lookup and text in image recognition, making your assets immediately searchable without needing any prior manual tagging or organisation.

You are likely to be interested in Dash if:

  • You are part of a smaller team.

  • You don't have the advanced requirements of larger organisations.

  • You have outgrown your local storage or Dropbox-type storage solution.

  • You want something quick to pick up and easy to use.

  • You like the idea of automated tagging of people, objects etc to make searching useful without having to manually manage a lot of tags and metadata.

More about Asset Bank...

Here are some features you'll find in Asset Bank that you won't find in Dash:

  • Test instance

  • Custom pages

  • Multi-language

  • Advanced approval workflows

You are more likely to be interested in Asset Bank if:

  • You are part of a large organisation

  • You have strict requirements for the management and access of your digital assets

  • You have defined workflows and approval steps that govern the use of assets

  • You need a lot of data about how your assets are accessed, such as usage reporting

Which product is for you?

Whichever of our DAM products is right for you, we are here to support you throughout your DAM journey.

More information about Asset Bank and to book a demo.

More information about Dash and to sign up for your free trial.

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