This article shows you how to set up a very commonly requested Zapier flow... adding an email attachment to Dash. We'll use Gmail as an example, but this will work with any other email provider that has a Zapier integration.

Before you get started, make sure you've done the preparatory steps listed here.

How to create the zap

〉We'll set up a trigger that will check for any new email in my inbox with an attachment, and that also has been given the label "Add to Dash". This zap will work for emails with multiple attachments.

Prepare your gmail account

Before you start, go into Gmail and create a new label called "Add to Dash". The easiest way to do this is to select an email, click the Label button and click "create new".

Then choose an email with an attachment and add this label to it.

Create the trigger

Log in to Zapier, go to your main Zaps page and click "Create Zap"

In the Trigger step, choose the Gmail app:

Choose "New attachment" for the Trigger Event

Press Continue

Click "Choose an account" and either select your gmail account (if you've already added one), or click "Connect a new account" and follow the prompts.

Once your gmail account is shown and selected, click Continue

In the "Set up trigger" step, open the "Label/Mailbox" dropdown and select the "Add to Dash" label that you created earlier.

Press Continue and then "Test trigger"

You should see a result that matches the email you add the label to earlier.

Press Continue

Set up the action

choose the "Dash" app

Choose Action Event "upload File to Asset" and press Continue

Click Sign in to Dash

Enter your Dash subdomain (i.e. if my Dash was, I would enter brighton)

Follow the remaining prompts to login, and press Continue once your Dash account is shown.

In the "Set up action" screen, set up the fields as follows:

You can optionally choose to fill in other attributes in this screen as well if you like.

Press Continue, then "Test & review"

You should see a success screen similar to this:

Log in to your Dash and check that the attachment has been successfully added to your Dash account.

If it has, you are all done and can click "Turn on zap"

Note that zaps run every 15 minutes. You can manually run a zap from the Zapier menu on each zap:

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