This article tells you how to use the metadata import tool to pre-populate an attribute. For example, if you wanted to create an attribute called "Photographer" and pre-populate that attribute with all the photographers that you want to associate with your images, so that when you and your users are tagging assets, you can pick from an approved list.

By using the metadata import, you can pre-populate an attribute in one go without having to type all the entries in manually.

Here's how to do it:

Prepare your Dash

1. First create a "Controlled Tag" attribute from Admin > Attributes > Add New and give it a name like Photographer.

💡 By using a Controlled Tag attribute you can control spelling in the future so users can only pick from the list and can't enter new names that aren't approved.

2. Now upload a dummy asset into Dash and remember the filename.

Create the metadata import file

3. Create a new spreadsheet with two columns called "Filename to match on" and "Photographer" (the second column header matching the name of the new attribute you created).

4. In the second row, put the filename in cell A2 and in cell B2 list out all the names, separated by commas.

Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file (typically using a "Save As" feature in your spreadsheet application)

Import the data

5. Upload the CSV file into Dash by going to Admin > Import > Metadata and selecting the file.

And you're done 👏

To test it worked, simply go to Admin > Attributes, click on the controlled tag and you should see the new entries populated.

You can now select from these entries when tagging your images.

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