Dash can automatically tag faces found in your assets, to make finding assets with a particular person really easy.

Once you tag a face once, all other existing and future instances of that face will be immediately tagged with that same name.

How to tag a face

Open up any image with a face in it, and you'll see a grey box around the face.

Hover your mouse over the face and enter a name in the box that appears.

This will apply the name as a tag to the corresponding "People" attribute against the asset. That tag becomes clickable so that you can do a search for other instances of that person.

How to change the name of a tagged face

If you find a face that is incorrectly tagged, simply hover your mouse over the face and click the name. Two options will appear that will allow you to either rename the face or remove the tag.

I'm not seeing my tagged faces appear in the People attribute

In order for face recognition to work, you need to choose what attribute it should populate. We set this to a built-in "People" attribute by default, but if this has been removed, you can reconfigure it by going to Admin > Intelligence and selecting which attribute you would like the names to be added to.

Here you can also choose how accurate the face tagging should be, by dragging the slider according to your preference.

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